Follow Your Passion, Don’t Steal Laptops

So, it’s been a short while since I last posted, and I am surprised that so many people seemed to notice! No, fear not, I’m still here.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  OK, so I hadn’t really given it that much thought.  Maybe I overstated that a bit.  But I do hope that most people had a wonderful holiday – more or less.  If you’re reading this, I really hope that you had a fantastic holiday.  If you’re the person who robbed my house just before Christmas and are using my wonderful laptop, I hope that either

A) It explodes and shoots glass into your thieving hands.


B) You are giving it to a homeless kid.

I realize that neither is likely.  And, let’s face it, if you moonlight as a felony burglar, you probably don’t pay very much attention to a blog titled “the Young Professional.”  But on the off chance that you are – you’re a jerk, give it back, and pay a little more attention to the blog.  If you did that, you’d hear things like…

Follow your passion (unless it leads you into my house and to my laptop).  Every day, I have the good fortune to work in a dream factory.  At the Entrepreneur Center we spend all day turning ideas – people’s dreams of a business of their own- into reality.  In my professional career, I have always worked hard.  And I have been around a lot of people that worked really, really hard.  For a long time, I was happy.  But a lot of the time those other people weren’t happy.  When I started to feel like them, I quit.

But I didn’t stop working hard.  I work just as hard now.  The people around me work harder.  And everyone’s happy.  The problem wasn’t the working hard, it was the work.

Sounds like bs right? “I work hard and I love it” isn’t exactly the way most people go through life.  That’s unfortunate.  Because you should.  You should find work that you are so passionate about that you work your tail off at it.  You should be pleasantly exhausted at the end of your day, and eager to go at it again the next.  If you work really hard to find what you are passionate about it, you’ll work harder than you ever could otherwise, but it won’t feel like work.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s no way to go through life, or a job, without being frustrated, exhausted, or something else that stinks sometimes, but if you have managed to get yourself in the right job for you, those days will be fewer, shorter, and counteracted by highs that are infinitely higher.

My advice to all the young professionals out there – find what you like first, or what you think is closest to it, and then keep trying to figure out how to make a living doing more of that.  Don’t just go for the money first.  I know it can be tempting, and it’s much harder to figure out a way to make what you want to do make you a living than accept the way some other company already created that makes a living but doesn’t make you happy.  When you look at that situation, ask yourself: How much would you sell your happiness for?

My guess is it would cost a lot more than a stolen laptop computer.


– the Young Professional